About South Eugene Barbers

South Eugene Barbers was established in 1965, and known as Bob's Barber Shop.   The second owner passed away in 2002 and the shop was vacant for a year until November 3rd, 2003, when it was resurrected as South Eugene Barbers by the third owner, Jeff "The Barber".  Over forty years later, and continuing into the future, the goals are the same as they were then; solid, consistent, quality haircuts and style for men and boys.  We are also known for our old fashioned hot-towel shaves!

South Eugene Barbers is into one thing only, and that is proving the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut!  We have a very old-school approach combined with the haircutting and styling principles, all in an extremely comfy atmosphere.  It's basically a sports bar minus the alcohol!  We have three televisions, plenty of reading material, cribbage, PS2 (sports/music games only, parents), and many other draws including world class BS.

Jeff The Barber will stand by his work and promise you his best effort with EVERY cut.  He will always listen and cut your hair the way YOU want it, not like what he feels looks good.  It does no good if you're not getting positive results.  Jeff is very skilled in tapering, business style cuts, longer hair styles, flat tops, U & I (meaning a light trim and only U and I know you got it cut), and anything in-between.  Jeff has many years of barber experience and is confident that you will get what you want.  Jeff encourages you to trust him and give him a shot at ending your hair-cutting nightmares.  After all, it shouldn't be that dang tough to get a great haircut!